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Reference email sent thursday I you have not replied to say this is ok to change my fake watches order and when its being dispatched please let me know asap as I will be raising a dispute with my bank on wednesday 25th April, I advise you keep emailing me until the fake watches comes through to me. It is now wednesday 25th and still no tracker number, name of courier or where the fake watches are being dispatched from, you have until 2pm british time to supply me with this information or I will be calling my bank to raise a dispute under non receipt of fake watches for sale ordered after a 21 day wait now. As I have heard nothing from you since you told me you would dispatch these fake watches for sale and give me tracker number over five days ago now and responded to no more of my emails, I have raised this issue with my bank to which they have told me you have until the 4th May to resolve this issue and have my fake watches for sale by that date or they will be reclaiming my money back in full. As I said in the email I have spoken to my bank and the dispute will be lodged on the 4th May as that will be 30 days no dispute will be actioned until then without my say so, so can you please tell me in your next email when my replica watches will be dispatched, when replica watches will be back in stock. Also for all the trouble and inconvenience that this had caused and to wait 28 days I also think as a goodwill gesture that maybe I could choose a free replica watches sale from yourselves possibly a ladies replica watches sale for my wife which would go a very long way to making up for all this hassle and if you do that I would consider using you again.

You are not replying to my emails and are not giving me your return address. As I said in my previous email I have spoken to my Bank about you and the fact that you have no respect for consumer right. I am going to get my money back from you and believe me your reputation as a commercial enterprise would be damaged in UK. I will ask for the refund through my bank anyway even if you do not supply me the return address. It is your responsibility to tell me where you want me to return the fake watches to. I am asking for the last time to give me your return address so that I can return the replica watches to you. The replica watches have not been used and are in original condition.